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Prostate cancer: why are Black men more likely to develop it and die from it?

We all want answers.  Emerging research indicates that disparities may be strongly linked to genetics alongside social and environmental inequalities.  However, we need a lot more research to fully understand how and why.  Additionally, the rapidly expanding field of precision medicine looks to be leveling some health disparities, and even giving Black and African-American men a distinct advantage when battling aggressive and potentially lethal prostate cancer. 

How can you help?

Consider signing on to one of these important studies to help us "carry the sword against prostate cancer for the next generation."  These non-invasive, but critically important studies, could help us better understand how we might use our genes as an advantage in the fight against prostate cancer.

  • PROMISE is a registry of prostate cancer patients participating in a research study to learn how genetic differences can affect patient outcomes.

  • The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project is a nationwide genomic research study for men with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer seeking to generate the most comprehensive database that will be shared with the entire research community to accelerate discoveries.

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