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Our volunteers include leaders in the fields of religion, medicine, education, and business, many of whom know the impact of prostate cancer first-hand. 


Education and Awareness Events & Community Partnerships: this committee supports the facilitation and delivery of the Action Team’s presence at community health fairs and other prostate cancer awareness events and activities throughout North Carolina. Additionally, this committee organizes the team’s annual holiday award dinner and celebration, to include identifying recipients for the Dudley Flood Service Award, the Randy Bazemore Survivor Award, and the Swordbearer of Excellence award, and working with the funding committee to organize and facilitate the President’s Challenge fundraiser for the event.  Contact committee leadership: Chair Mose Dorsey and Co-Chair Leonard King.

Support Groups: this committee seeks to assure that all men diagnosed with prostate cancer, alongside their caregivers, family, and friends have access to peer based psycho-social support throughout the entirety of their experience.  Contact committee leadership: Chair Louie Ross and Co-Chair Rhonda Mack.


Funding: this committee fosters and nurtures opportunities to assure that the important work of the team continues and grows.  We maintain relationships with Wal-Mart, Blue Cross Blue Shield, NC Comprehensive Cancer Program, fraternities, sororities, faith institutions, and more.  Contact committee leadership: Chair John Milner.

Meet the Team
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