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The Action Team leads prostate cancer awareness and education activities for people of color in North Carolina.  The disparity in health outcomes for African-American men is well documented.  Engaging these men in leadership roles within the prostate cancer movement is essential to our success.  


Pursuant to our mission, we engage in a number of significant activities.  This includes barbershop campaigns, manning informational booths at health fairs and athletic events, and attending the Governor’s Annual African-American Male Summit.  Our  speaker’s bureau routinely participates in events and activities populated by African-American men and their families to inform, mobilize, and secure needed resources. 


The primary mission is one of education and advocacy.  ​​


The success of the Action Team is rooted in the critical element of engaging African-American leaders to direct the design of outreach and education services for the community.  This approach has proven successful for developing culturally appropriate interventions and activities.  It has also created a model wherein Action Team members are viewed as “brothers” in the fight to improve the health of other African-American men and men of color.

The Action Team has established the following organizational goals:

  • Educate minority men and their families about prostate cancer.

  • Ensure access to care for minority men who need to be screened for prostate cancer.

  • Promote statewide access (both rural and urban) to care for minority men who need to be screened for prostate cancer.

  • Provide vehicles of support for men diagnosed with prostate cancer; with a particular focus on African-American men and men of color.

  • Advocate for state, local and federal funds for minority prostate cancer research.

  • Build a network of organizations, agencies and leaders to make prostate cancer a state and national priority.

  • Increase awareness of prostate cancer among African American women in North Carolina.

  • Establish a network of prostate cancer organizations that address the disparate impact of prostate cancer.Action Team members routinely conduct/facilitate outreach activities throughout North Carolina. Community venues include events targeting minority communities:

    • African American Male Summit

    • Central Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament

    • 100 Black Men of Eastern Wake County Annual Health Fair

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