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The Minority Prostate Cancer Awareness Action Team is a group of Prostate Cancer (PC) Ambassadors spreading awareness about the importance of early detection with a particular focus on communities of color.  We have developed and continue to maintain 3 principal programs:

  • Prostate Cancer (PC) Shepherds was designed to meet the critical need for lay health navigation and 1 on 1 peer support for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.  The Shepherds connect with newly diagnosed men to assure they are empowered with information specific to their personal diagnosis.

  • Prostate Cancer (PC) Angels was inspired by a wife’s commitment to make sure other women know the truth about a disease that deprived her (a retired school administrator) of retirement years with her husband.  The PC Angels provide training to increase awareness of prostate cancer among women.  We recognize that women serve as “gatekeepers” to healthcare information and services for their families.  This program is also designed to fill the gap of isolation that many women feel when a loved one is diagnosed with the disease.

  • Umoja is a prostate cancer support group that meets monthly at Martin Street Baptist Church.  The meetings provide supportive camaraderie and was founded by Randolph “Randy” Bazemore.  Randy was a prostate cancer survivor.  The group continues his legacy and now has an average attendance of 4-6 men per meeting.














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